A leading global payments company, BarclayCardUS is part of Barclays Bank PLC. The company helps consumers, retailers, and businesses access short-term financing and credit at the point of sale.


Based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, BarclayCardUS creates co-branded and personalized credit card programs for some of the country’s most successful financial, affinity, retail, travel, entertainment, and travel institutions. The company also issues cards under the BarclayCardUS brand. Visit http://www.barclaycardus.com for more information.

As a pioneer in new payment types, the company has developed many contactless and mobile payment programs for today and will develop innovative payment methods for tomorrow. BarclayCardUS also works with a number of companies around the world to provide payment and credit options for their organizations or members.


Barclays was founded by Barclays on 29 June 1966 as a credit card service, but the company was later followed by a revolving credit Bank of England and in 1967 it became a UK bank. For example, we will discuss how to log out of your device in this guide. A phone or computer must be connected to the Internet to communicate to Barclayed securely.

If you are approved for a new Barclays us with card activation, you can activate your account online safely and efficiently. In the United States, visit the BarclaysUS activation site com to activate your card online. If you already have a card, you can log in with your username and password to access your new account. If this is your first BarclayCardUS account, go to the left side of the screen and select the ‘Activate my card now’ button. Your browser will then redirect you to a page where you must verify your identity.

Barclays us with active will ask for your account number, security code and the last four digits of your social security number. Your date of birth is also important. You must then select a profession and confirm that you are a citizen before proceeding.