People who need a wide variety of credit cards should check out Barclays Bank’s offers. In line with the bank’s commitment to offering attractive and affordable offers to its customers, its range of cards certainly provides some exciting options.


The BarclayCardUS Login makes sure to meet your needs. With a Visa card in your arsenal, paying for your needs and wants is more convenient and rewarding. This credit card guide is your best source for what the bank offers and how to apply for these cards.


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Simply put, Barclay is the Barclays credit card brand, and by the end of 2010, the company had over 10 million customers in the UK alone. It is one of the best corporate financial management platforms offering the best financial services in the UK. If you are approved for a new BarclaysUS with card activation, you can activate your account online safely and efficiently.

Barclays PLC offers a BarclayCardUS credit card. Barclays is one of the first to provide credit card services in the UK, along with Diner Club and American Express. With over 300 years of history as a significant financial services provider, Barclays is today one of the world’s leading banks. From personal banking to credit cards, Barclays offers a variety of services.

Registering Your BarclayCardUS

To make the most of your card and accumulate bonus points, you must first create an online account. Using the steps below, you can easily create a new account.

Click at to open the BarclayCardUS homepage.

  • On the upper right corner of the page, you will find the “Login” link. Click on it, and then on the “Login” button, click on “Login as a cardholder.”
  • You will find a link below the login field, that says, “Click at to set up online access” click on it.
  • You must first provide some of your personal information to be verified here. Add the last four digits of your CPF, date of birth, bank account number, and current occupation. After confirming that you are a US citizen, click the “Continue” button below the form.

Follow all instructions to create your username and password for further BarclayCardUS Login process. If you would like to check the status of your application and add the necessary information, please click “Check Status” to see its progress.

How To Do BarclayCardUS Login?

BarclayCard US has a credit card for every need. You can have as many credit cards as you like if you have the correct credit scores and memberships for your duty. Barclay’s credit card registration can be done as follows.


  • Visit BarclayCard US’s online website by clicking the link at
  • It is possible to create an account for them if you don’t already have one by clicking “Create a new account.”
  • Whenever you are done with the first page of the form, you must proceed to the next. Send the application form once you have completed the data.
  • Click Continue to finish your BarclayCardUS Login process

Recover Username & Password For BarclayCard US

  • Go to the same cardholder registration page ( and click Forgot username or password?
  • To verify your identity, enter the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Enter your birth date and account number.
  • Activate the “Confirm with security code” button.
  • Enter the security code.
  • Click continue

Benefits & Features Of BarclayCard US Login

Choosing a BarclayCard US will surprise you because you have options that offer valuable rewards and guarantee low-interest rates. With features and benefits designed to make lending banks more meaningful, you’re sure to get a card you can make the most of without breaking the bank.

Customers new to a credit card may opt for the BarclayCardUS Forward credit card. This visa option is perfect for people with little or no credit history or bad credit history, making it suitable for beginners and anyone looking to improve. It helps you monitor your account through free SMS and email alerts and the bank’s mobile app. You’ll earn 0% interest on your purchases within three months of opening an account.

The BarclayCardUS Platinum Cash Back Plus credit card might be for you for potential customers looking for the cheapest card. The BarclayCard US Login features offered by this option include 0.5% cash back on purchases made within the first three months and 0.25% after this period (until August 21, 2023). Even if you need to use this card abroad, you don’t have to worry about foreign fees and charges.

Customers interested in introductory balance transfer promotions can get the 20-month BarclayCardUS Platinum Platinum Balance Transfer Card. This option offers the best benefits upon BarclayCardUS Login: 0% interest on balance transfers for 20 months from the card issuance and 0% interest on purchases made in the first six months.

It should be noted, however, that the bank does accept Barclays US Mastercard. Other Barclay cards you can try are the 28-month Platinum Balance Transfer Card, the 20-month Platinum Purchase and Balance Transfer Card, and the 18-month Platinum Balance Transfer Card.

Steps For BarclayCard US Activation

BarclayCardUS -Card-Activation

  • If you apply for a new card and are accepted, you will usually receive the physical card within 7-10 days.
  • Sometimes it may arrive earlier, and you may request fast shipping from your card issuer. In the event, your credit card is lost or stolen and you apply for a new one, you must activate that card as soon as you receive it.
  • Your credit card will often arrive in a white envelope (standard or large) with a label on the front of the card providing a phone number and possibly a website for activation.
  • After activating online or over the phone, your new card is usually immediately ready for use.

What you need to know when activating a credit card

When you call or register to activate a BarclayCard US, you might need the following information:

  • Please provide your credit card number
  • Your card’s security code (often called the card identification number (CID) or card verification value (CVV)) is usually located on the front or back of the card.
  • Full name, CPF, zip code,, and date of birth
  • Your issuer account number (if different from your card number; generally not required)

The information required varies by issuer and may depend on whether you already have another account with the company (you may need to verify less information if you are logged into your account).

How to Pay BarclayCardUS credit card Bill

The BarclayCardUS Login makes it easy to pay your Barclay credit card bill.

  • Perform BarclayCard US Login, select the “Make a Payment” tab, and add the amount you want to pay to your invoice.
  • Select the account or debit card you wish to use to make the payment.
  • Click the Pay tab to confirm payment of the amount.

About BarclaysCreditCardUS

As part of Barclays Bank PLC, BarclayCardUS is a leading global payments company, helping consumers, retailers, and businesses to make and receive payments and access short-term credit and financing at the point of sale.


Our company is a pioneer in developing new payment technologies, including contactless and mobile payment programs for today and cutting-edge payment methods for tomorrow. BarclayCardUS also works with a number of companies around the world to provide payment and credit options to their organizations or members.

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, BarclayCardUS US creates co-branded and personalized credit card programs for some of the country’s most successful financial, entertainment, retail, related, and travel institutions. The company also issues cards under the BarclayCardUS brand. Visit for more information regarding BarclayCard US Loan Review.

Check Your Barclaycard Us Credit Card Balance

  • Online – Login to your Barclaycard US Credit Card account and if you have more than one Barclays Card, click View All Accounts at BarclayCardUS Login
  • Select a card to view your balance. You can also verify your Barclays credit card online using the BarclayCardUS app.
  • Phone: Dial 1 (866) 928-8598 and follow the automated system’s instructions to view your current account balance.
  • App – Login to the Barclays app. Your credit card balance is displayed on the home page.

Keeping an eye on your credit card balance is a smart move. Look over your recent transactions for anything that seems unusual if your balance appears higher than it should be.

Fees And Interest At


  • BarclayCard US Login earns interest in the form of a three-step purchase option. Depending on your balance, you end up paying 15.99%, 19.99%, or 24.99% on all purchases.
  • Balance transfers earn 0% interest for the first year if completed within 45 days. After that, the fee will increase to the same tiered system as when you purchased it.
  • For cash advances, you see a rate of 25.24%. Well, for fees, there are a few to consider.
  • Again, there is no annual fee, and for balance transfers, the cost is 3% or $5, whichever is greater with BarclayCard US Activate.
  • The fee is again $10 or 5% for cash advances, whichever is greater. Variable fees apply to payments. Refund and late payment fees can be as high as $37.
  • Variable fees and interest are calculated based on your financial information and credit history.

Who Is Eligible for BarclayCard US Login?

To qualify for this card, you must meet the following conditions.

  • Be over 18 years old
  • A resident of the United States or territories of the United States.
  • Meet income and credit criteria
  • I didn’t have a business card before

If you wish to obtain a BarclayCardUS, you must provide the requirements and supporting documents. You will need to provide the following information to apply for BarclayCardUS Forward, Barclay’s credit card: your age (must be over 18), your income (£3,000 per year if employed full-time), bankruptcy records, county court judgment records, proof of UK residency (at current address for a minimum of two years) and evidence of regular bill payments. You can also upload your most recent payment receipts and bank and credit statements.

Platinum cards also require you to qualify for age, income, employment, financial and credit records, and residency. Use the bank’s eligibility checker to get a more accurate picture of your eligibility.

BarclayCard US Mobile App 

Easily and securely manage your Barclays US credit card account from anywhere using BarclayCard US App. Check account balances, payment, and transaction details, block your card, set alert notifications, and much more. Also, you can start the application with your biometric procedure or your SecurePass code. You have options.

BarclayCardUS-Mobile App

These are some examples of what you can do using the BarclayCard US App:

  • Control your transactions and make payments: link an external bank account and pay your credit card in one installment or schedule future payments with AutoPay.
  • Track your points/miles – View your earnings and redeem your rewards in real-time.
  • Keep track of your finances – Estimate monthly payments with Purchase Planner and track your FICO credit score for free.
  • Stay safe – if you lose your card, quickly lock your account to stop transactions. You can even tell us about your future travel plans.
  • Stay up to date with account alerts – Track daily spending, view potential fraudulent activity, and consider weekly spend snapshots.
  • Buy contactless – just add your card to your mobile wallet or use our contactless card feature.
Official NameBarclayCardUS
Portal TypeLogin
Portal PurposeCredit Card Services
Mobile AppAvailable

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the number on my BarclayCardUS?

If you know your 16-digit BarclayCardUS number, you can use it to log in. If you do not know your card number, please call 0800 161 5300 (landline), 0333 202 7900 (mobile), or +44 1452 828001 (international), and we will contact you.

How to Cancel Your Barclays Credit Card?

If you wish to cancel a Barclays credit card, you can visit your local branch or call your bank.


With a BarclayCard US Credit Card, you can enjoy more options tailored to your needs while ensuring the most valuable card for your situation. Please remember that you are responsible for paying all charges associated with credit cards. If you’re interested, visit the Barclays Bank website to apply for a credit card today.

The Barclays credit card is sure to meet your needs. With a Visa card in your arsenal, paying for your needs and wants is much more convenient and rewarding. This credit card guide is your best source for what the bank offers and how to apply for these cards.

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